load csv file to aws dynamodb

This blog will describe one of the many ways to load a csv data file into AWS dynamodb database using python boto3 library provided by AWS. Amazon DynamoDB is a fully-managed NoSQL database service that offers speedy performance and scalability to store and retrieve any amount of data.
Click here if you would like to setup local dynamodb within your computer or wanted to try the script outside of your aws dynamodb environment

Let’s get started! First, copy below data, past it into excel sheet then save it as “courses.csv”.

Sample records (in courses.csv)
1,jean,joseph,sql server
4,daniel,jean,sql server
5,joseph,jean,sql server

Now, execute below script to create a new table.

import boto3
import os, csv
dynamodb = boto3.session.Session(profile_name='dev').resource('dynamodb', endpoint_url='http://localhost:8000', region_name='us-east-1')
table_name = 'courses'
params = {
    'TableName': table_name,
    'KeySchema': [
        {'AttributeName': 'id', 'KeyType': 'HASH'},
        {'AttributeName': 'course', 'KeyType': 'RANGE'}
    'AttributeDefinitions': [
        {'AttributeName': 'id', 'AttributeType': 'N'},
        {'AttributeName': 'course', 'AttributeType': 'S'}
    'ProvisionedThroughput': {
        'ReadCapacityUnits': 10,
        'WriteCapacityUnits': 10
table = dynamodb.create_table(**params)
print("Table status:", table.table_status)
print(f"Creating {table_name}...")

Courses table successfully created as we can see from below screenshot.

Execute below scripts to insert the csv data file(courses.csv) into dynamodb courses table you just created.

FILE_PATH = r'C:\courses.csv'
table = dynamodb.Table(table_name)
if os.path.exists(FILE_PATH):
    with open(FILE_PATH, 'r', newline='') as CSV_FILE:
        DATA = csv.reader(CSV_FILE, delimiter=',')
        COLUMNS = next(DATA)#remove the header
        for EACH_ITEM in DATA:

Let’s retrieve the data you just inserted from dynamodb courses table.


It is very easy with the help of python aws boto3 library to load csv data into dynamodb table.

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